Covid-19 negatively affects but does not stop the expansion of RES in the global energy system, as IEA points out in a new report where it updates its forecasts for the future.

Development trends for the photovoltaic industry internationally are reflected for 2019 in the “Snapshot of Global PV Markets 2020” exhibition of the IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Program, which was recently published.

At 7,091.12 MW, the available installed capacity in the whole territory of the country is calculated, according to the latest issue of DAPEEP for the Special Account of RES.

Wood Mackenzie revised its forecast for new installed solar power plants worldwide in 2020, lowering the first estimates by 18%, which translates to 23 GW less. With the new data generated by the corona pandemic, the new forecast speaks of 106.4 GW of additional installed power in solar stations.

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