Photovoltaics are running at an annual rate of 104% in Europe this year, as the continent is experiencing a boom in new facilities, according to SolarPower Europe data released yesterday.

By successive orders to the banks, DAPEEP continued to pay the invoices for production in August 2019. These orders will pay 3,200 parks payable up to € 14,779.08 (82% of installations with production in August).

Cumulative investment in 800MW wind and photovoltaic power each year provides for the new National Plan for Energy and Climate so that by 2030 renewable energy will cover over 65% of our electricity needs in our country.

By successive orders to banks, the payment of invoices for July 2019 production continues, with 885 parks payable up to € 253,029,26 (92% of installations with July production).

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