SolarPower Europe: 20.4 GW Photovoltaics will be installed this year in Europe

Posted on May 14, 2019

The planet will reach 1.3 terabot photovoltaic by 2023 through the addition of 800 gigawatts, according to the SolarPower Europe link.

In a related report for the next five years in the industry, he says the picture is optimistic. According to the president, Christian Westermeier, "in 2018 it was a unique year in the world as we surpassed the threshold of 100 gigawatts a year for the first time and we reached 500 gigawatts in total. We saw a significant drop in costs and at the same time we had rapid licensing and a big increase in bilateral contracts. "

In particular, Europe added 11.3 gigawatts last year, an increase of 21% per year. For 2019, the link predicts an increase of 80% to 20.4 gigawatts, and to 18% for 2020 to 24.1 gigawatts.

Finally, it is recalled that according to IRENA's calculations, more than 400 gigawatts of RES should be installed annually on an international basis by 2050 in order to achieve the UN's climate objective.


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