Wood Mackenzie predicts fall and mergers in power inverters for next five years

Posted on August 08, 2019

Wood Mackenzie predicts more mergers in the power inverter market in a new report.

Specifically, the company says the industry will decline by 2024, despite an increase in orders. "Total revenue of the top five players declined 10% year-over-year last year," he notes.

One reason that intensifies the tariff pressure on the industry is China's decision last year to limit PV installations. As a result, Chinese inverter manufacturers expanded overseas and this led to lower product prices. Now, Chinese companies have increased their international share from 22% to 28%.

Finally, it is noted that manufacturers of central inverters and three-phase systems are expected to decline sharply in the next five years, while those manufacturing single-phase inverters and hybrids will see their revenues grow, as forecast by Wood Mackenzie.


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